Sharing authentic experiences

Everything is designed for you, so you can optimise your time and relax in the company of genuine and passionate people.


The story of our origin

In April 2020, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Manuel Moura (@manueltiagomoura), a connoisseur of the tourist entertainment market, and D.J. Pereira, an entrepreneur by nature, started the Capptouring project, seeking to redefine the concept of tourism, basing all their activity on the promotion of cooperative visitor-community interaction, which contributes to environmental, social and economic sustainability, and thus transposing the essence of Portuguese culture to this business area.

We were born from the will to create a tourism focused on the visitor and from the ambition to create products/services, in a meticulous and careful way, capable of guaranteeing a genuine, interactive and personalized experience, in which the visitor will have the opportunity to KNOW, LIVE and FEEL the real cultural, ethnographic, gastronomic and wine heritage of Portugal. These are the pillars of our work!

Aware of the demands of the market, we could not move forward without the fundamental support of friends with experience in this business area. And so began our collaboration with the travel agency V004-620 (@Voo4.620) in July 2020, which gave us all the logistical support and, soon after, with Daniel Mota (@theboyfromportugal), who sponsored this project under the name Capptouring.

With our project, we want to help improve everything around us, fight against the massification and excessive use of material, environmental and human resources, participate in social and environmental causes. We bet on the development of private tours (regular or tailor-made to the client's needs), experiences or holiday periods and passenger transport, defined by their high standard of quality, comfort and safety, and in EQUILIBRIUM with everything that is authentic and genuine in our country!


capture /ˈkɐˈptar / + pt (Portugal) /ˈpɔʁtyɡal / + touring/ˈtʊərɪŋ/

  • Capture images and experiences.
    To have a moment, image or feeling in your possession.
  • Portugal, country of emigrants and explorers! Where our roots are, our home.
  • Touring, who travels, who goes on a journey.

We design circuits, plan your holidays and guarantee your transport, with attention to every detail, in order to ensure all your needs, with maximum safety and comfort. The work of our whole team will allow a personalised service so that you can enjoy all the tranquillity, whether you are on leisure or business!

Sharing is our essence, always with respect for our traditions, for Man and for Nature! Choosing Capptouring is choosing to be authentic and genuine! At Capptouring we travel through people, tradition, art and society.
Na Capptouring viajamos através das pessoas, da tradição, da arte e da sociedade.

Let us guide you on this fantastic journey!

Our essence...
We make everything simpler

  • Tailor-Made Tours

We work so that your experiences are unique, in accordance with your wishes, and that they take place with maximum safety and comfort. We privilege people.

  • Expert advice

With the exception of iconic tourist spots, our expert guides take care to select places that are not too crowded; they try, whenever possible, to show genuine and characteristic places; and, they seek contact with local shopkeepers and restaurants, run by local people, so that the whole experience is as authentic as possible!

  • Sustainability

Whenever possible, we try to visit places (and book accommodation) that follow good environmental practices and promote sustainable development of the community and environment.

  • Friends of the planet

At Capptouring, we are committed to defending the planet! We aim to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible by avoiding unnecessary travel, optimising your time in the right way and collaborating actively with non-governmental entities in defence of the environment.

Our team

It is not just a job.
Every day is a new experience and we keep memories of those who visit us.
For us, each person is unique and will forever be part of the Capptouring Family!

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Our tour guides

Daniel Mota

@theboyfrom portugal

Born in Santa Maria da Feira, from an early age he understood that his life would be related to culture and languages. Part of his childhood was spent in Switzerland, where he grew up in contact with people from different realities, understanding that we all have something to learn from others. After completing his Tourism degree, he decided to dedicate himself to the art of welcoming all those who are interested in getting to know Portugal better and better! With Capptouring he intends to raise the bar, respecting the environment that surrounds us, defending a more sustainable and genuine Tourism.

It's time to get to know the change!

Favourite Capptouring Traditions and Rituals

A latte and a toast, please!

Five more to come! “Friends”, good music and a beer!

Bread and wine on the table!