Terms and Conditions

1. Organization
The organization of the tours and services on this site is made by Capptouring, a touristic animation company, based in Rua das Cegonhas 32, 4435-479 Gondomar, NIF 516890112 and RNAAT nª 690/2022; powered by Travel Agency VOO4-620, NIF 515 711 772 and RNAVT 8763.

2. Hired Services
Local guides, drivers, transfer drivers, meals, transport service providers (e.g. buses, trains or boats) and other services necessary for the development of their activity are contracted to third parties. Thus, in providing these services, Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620, act only as sales agents, not being responsible for:
(a) Any changes in tour dates, prices, inclusions/exclusions, coverage, age requirements, made by these entities;
(b) Cancellations or annulments of reservations, made by these entities, due to diseases, pandemics, epidemics, robberies, work actions and/or strikes, machine breakdowns, government restrictions, acts of war and/or terrorism, changes/limitations imposed by weather conditions, defect in any transport vehicle or by any accident or casualty or any other cause of force majeure;
(c) Complaints against these entities resulting from actions on their behalf.

In addition, Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620, their representatives and/or suppliers and/or service providers are hereby informed:
(a) When making arrangements for hotels, tours, transportation or any service in conjunction with the itineraries of individual customers, shall not be liable for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity, liability or costs to the person or property by reason of vice on the part of any hotel company, carrier or other company or person providing the services included in the tours.
(b) Will not be liable for any diseases, pandemics, epidemics, theft or misappropriation, work actions and/or strikes, machinery breakdowns, government restrictions, acts of war and/or terrorism, changes / limitations imposed by weather conditions, defect in any transport vehicle or any accident or casualty or any other cause of force majeure.
(c) On December 25th and January 1st the Capptouring Group and the Tour Operator VOO4-620 are closed for all our services.

Therefore, Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620, reserve the right to cancel, change or replace any service, tour, ticket or product reserved at www.capptouring.com, at any time, for any reason. In such cases, if the reader/customer/user is not satisfied with the alternatives offered, they may request a full refund of the original purchase price. Notwithstanding the above, when we are informed in advance by our service providers and/or suppliers of a significant change in a reservation and/or a tour, product, or event, we make every reasonable effort to notify the customer, travel agent and/or distributor, as appropriate, to correct or reissue the reservation, where possible.

3. Changes and Booking
(a) The focus of Capptouring and the tour operator VOO4-620 is the private tours and, we privilege unique and genuine experiences with partners with a policy of environmental, cultural and social sustainability. Therefore, with the exception of the iconic touristic spots of each region, we look for non mass tourism places.

  • the typical boat trips in Porto (Rabelo boat) and Aveiro are not private.

(b) For tours booked 24h in advance, Capptouring is subject to partners' available times:

  • in wine producing estates and/or iconic tourist sites, with a large affluence of tourists, the experience may have to be shared with a small group of people (maximum 15 people).

(c) Therefore, to ensure the best quality and service offer, we advise the customer to make the reservation at least 48 hours in advance.
(d) In order to ensure the maximum safety, comfort and well-being of its clients during the activities, Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620 reserve the right to change itineraries, time, place and transport of the same in case of weather or other conditions beyond the company's control.

4. Complaints and Refunds
Only claims and requests for reimbursement that have been submitted in writing by the claimant to Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620 within 5 days after the end of the service will be considered. Any disputes will be resolved in the Court of the Judicial District of Lousada, to the express exclusion of any other.

Payment Policy
Reservations for any services must be made by e-mail directly to Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620, through the reservation website, or by telephone contact. Reservations will only be considered confirmed after receipt of proof of payment of the total amount of the reservation and sending the respective voucher. The payment can be made by debit card, credit, bank transfer and/or cash.
The hiring of services with suppliers will only take place after good collection of the reservation made. In case of non-payment of the total amount of the reservation on the scheduled date, the reservation will be considered cancelled, applying the Cancellation Policy.

6. Cancellation Policy
Bookings will only be considered valid after 100% of the total value of the service has been received, unless otherwise stated by Capptouring and the VOO4-620 Tour Operator, expressed in writing.
In case of cancellation of the booking the following cancellation charges, referring to non- refundable charges incurred by Capptouring and the VOO4-6201 Tour Operator will apply:
(a) (a) Cancellation at least 7 days before the agreed date (bookings of services lasting more than 1 day and/or nights): 50% of the total amount of the booking will be refunded
Cancellation up to 24h before the agreed date (service reservations with 1 day duration, daytime): 50% of the total amount of the reservation will be refunded.
Cancellation up to 2 days before the agreed date (service with more than one day's duration) or less than 24h before the agreed date (service with 1 day's duration): no money refund. If the client does not show up at the place, day and time pre-established for the beginning of the activity, it is considered a withdrawal, and incurs in the total loss of the payment made, with no place for complaint.
duração e/ou nocturnos): serão devolvidos 50% do valor total da reserva.
(b) Cancelamento até 24h antes da data acordada (reservas de serviços com 1 dia de duração, diurnos): serão devolvidos 50% do valor total da reserva.
(c) Cancelamento até 2 dias antes da data acordada (serviço com mais de um dia de duração) ou em menos de 24h antes da data acordada (serviço com 1 dia de duração): sem devolução de dinheiro.
A não comparência por parte do cliente no local, dia e hora préestabelecidos para o início da atividade, é
considerado desistência, e incorre na perda total do pagamento efetuado, não havendo lugar a reclamação.

A delay of 15 (fifteen) minutes or more beyond the pre-established time is considered a no-show.

7. Voucher Validity Experience
The "experience vouchers" have the validity expressed in them, being valid from the respective payment date, therefore the marking of the experience, as well as the accomplishment of the same, will have to occur within the foreseen period, under penalty of irrevocable loss of the rights conferred by the acquired "experience voucher". Within their respective validity periods, the "experience vouchers" serve as a means of payment for the selected experience - from among the experiences promoted or divulged by Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620, inserted in its experience catalog - with the supplier, Capptouring partners and the Tour Operator VOO4-620, responsible for its organization and execution. After the respective expiration date, the "experience vouchers" are immediately and automatically cancelled and cannot be revalidated or enjoyed. Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620 may, in exceptional cases, at the request of the interested party (which should be expressed through phone contact +351 914 620 353/+351 915 089 663 or e-mail info@capptouring), analyze the possibility of extending the validity period of an "experience voucher". No exchanges and/or returns of "experience vouchers" related to events with a fixed date are made. The non-attendance of the experience voucher holder implies the cancellation of the voucher and the consequent loss of rights in relation to it. Since the experience voucher is non-refundable, there is no possibility of extending the validity expressly indicated in the campaign conditions on the voucher itself.

8. Booking Changes Policy
Changes to the reservation by the customer, after confirmation of them, are subject to:
(a) Confirmation of availability for new dates;
(b) Changing the values initially proposed.

9.Client's responsibility
(a) The Client must respect the times established for the beginning of the activities, as well as the intermediate times that are defined by the guide.
(b) The Client is responsible for choosing a program that is adequate to his/her abilities, physical preparation and state of health, and also for providing personal information in advance of the beginning of the activity, about physical limitations, functional restrictions or others that may limit the full use of the reservation.
(c)The Client is responsible, after choosing a touristic program, to adjust their closet to it and to the weather forecast for the region they will visit.
(d)The Client must follow the environmental recommendations and legal rules established while the program runs according to the guide's indications, and respect the rights and privacy of the other participants in the program.
(e) There will be no refund if the client arrives late to an activity or finishes earlier, or does not enjoy any meal or service included in the program.
(f) At the time of booking, Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620 shall be informed of any specific food, special or other needs at the time of booking.

9.1 Notes / Observations
Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620 reserve the right to refuse to transport any person who presents themselves under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or whose behavior is considered a threat to the driver, the guide, the vehicle or other elements of the group. Smoking is not allowed in the vehicles.

10. Insurance
The existing insurances are those required by Portuguese law. The insurance will not be activated if the participant(s) is (are) in a state of drunkenness, under the influence of narcotics, other drugs or toxic products.

11. Use of Photographs and Images
Any image of the client captured during the activities of Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620, can be used by the company, at no cost and without the right to pay the client, in the illustration of promotional and advertising material of the company such as catalogs, slides, posters, videos and Internet.

12. Taxes
Prices shown include VAT at the prevailing rate. The prices presented at www.capptouring.com are prices defined per person, unless otherwise specified. Prices are based on the local rate at the time of quotation, converted at the prevailing international exchange rate, as determined by Capptouring and the Tour Operator VOO4-620. Price quotations are therefore subject to change, without notice, until a reservation is confirmed. Unless otherwise specified, prices do not include local taxes or usage fees, including pick up/start of tour in another country, security, port taxes, parking fees, customs, immigration, agricultural taxes, passenger installation fees or international transport fees.

1Changes to the Terms and Conditions during the Pandemic State by COVID-19 on the website at www.capptouring.com or email info@capptouring.pt. www.capptouring.pt ou enviar email para info@capptouring.pt.